Nancy Morris

Submarine Scare on Ferry

One time, we were doing it [riding the ferry] at night – and it had a restaurant and everything on these ferries. We were doing it at night and all of a sudden, the ferry stopped in the middle of the bay, and of course I was little. And I thought, you know, we were way out in the water. And we had to turn all the lights off that were on the ferry. And they stopped because they thought a sub had gotten through down, further down the shore. My recollection of having been told was that it was like a gate underwater and that somehow when it was opened, they thought a sub had gotten through. I was scared. But it was night, that was the other part. I think I did say they turned the lights out. It was very scary. My mother and father, I guess, told stories. And maybe we were out there a half an hour or so, but I don’t know that I was ever told how long. And, of course, as a child it seemed like an eternity, and the fact that it was at night made it scarier.