George Bennett

George Bennett was drafted into the army after the Pearl Harbor attack.

In his interview, he recalls Pearl Harbor and the anger he felt towards the Japanese military in the days after the attack and his desire for retribution. He also discusses getting drafted to serve his country.

Reaction to Pearl Harbor

That wasn’t good. That was not a good feeling. “Let’s go get them buggers,” you know? (sigh) I came home bad, really, even though I wasn’t in the war. I had no heart for Japan. I talked to everybody I could and told them, “Don’t buy Japanese stuff, cause they tore us apart, and then we’d build them up.” I didn’t say that for nothing. Not nice. I see I’m not a nice guy thinking like that, but that’s the way I felt. And I still have that feeling that I possibly can’t unbind [as] an American. Sometimes, you can’t.