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The National Home Front Project is a major new grassroots initiative under the leadership of historians at Washington College. Our innovative oral history program partners with individuals, communities, and organizations across the United States to record, preserve, and share audio interviews with civilian men and women who experienced World War II. By pulling together in the spirit of wartime Americans, we can ensure that future generations hear their voices, and that our country never forgets its past.

Our staff will provide guidance and resources for those who wish to interview these story-sharers or to be interviewed themselves. No experience or expertise is necessary. We’ll help you collect the oral histories, then include them in a nationwide archive to be preserved and shared with future generations. Participating is fun, educational—and an act of public service to ensure that our country never forgets its history.

Do you have an important World War II story in your family you’d like to record? We’d love to hear from individuals and groups who would like to join the effort in collecting civilian memories. And we’re gathering names of potential interviewees nationwide, as well as information on existing oral history recordings in archival repositories across the country.


While our focus is on collecting stories of home front service and civilian memories of the war, we would be glad to put you in touch with our institutional collaborators, who have a strong commitment to conducting interviews with foreign service veterans. Or if you have a family keepsake that you would like to donate to an archive, we can also connect you with organizations that preserve World War II artifacts. Please contact our community partnership program staff for more information at or by filling out the form below.

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