Wickes Westcott

Wickes Westcott aided with the war effort during World War II.

In this interview, he discusses the rationing of sugar and how he was willing to not eat it for the sake of the war.

Sugar Rationing

Yeah, they had the little tickets and if you wanted some more, you may buy some from somebody else. They got these tickets they give to people there, and you could sell them to somebody. Was there, like, a black market around? Well, not black market as you think of [a] black market [today] because I’m sure there wasn’t that much of worth going around. With the rations everybody just got used to not having all those things – sugar and stuff. I did too, actually. But in World War II, well, if they didn’t want you to eat sugar well, then I won’t eat sugar. There’s your answer, then, you get used to it without it.